The Foundation

What We Do

  • Promote public awareness of the Canadian Forces College mission, capabilities and accomplishments
  • Organize and support lectures, curriculum development, symposia and other educational initiatives in the area of defence and national security studies
  • Support and fund research and education in the area of national and international defence and security studies
  • Maintain the Canadian Forces College Museum
  • Promote and maintain an active Alumni Affairs programme


About the Canadian Forces College and Programmes

Established in Toronto during the Second World War as the Royal Canadian Air Force War Staff College , the Canadian Forces College (CFC) has undergone several stages of evolution that reflect the importance of post-graduate level professional education for selected senior Canadian military and civil service officers.

The College today is a unique institution within the Canadian Armed Forces and the Government of Canada, that serves to prepare the rising generation of our military and government service for senior leadership roles within a complex and uncertain global security environment.

Academic Staff

The teaching staff at the College is, literally, second to none. World renowned, the Canadian Forces College is a unique national and international student teaching platform with leading academics and military teaching staff who enable future leaders in global security. This level of expertise produces a learning environment that leads to a thoroughly holistic education in the broad areas of advanced joint military operations and national security policy and strategy.

The Role of the CFC Foundation

The Foundation achieves its goals in support of the College through annual activities in the following areas:

  • the International Officers Programme
  • academic year course support
  • the Centre for National Security Studies conferences and symposia
  • Foundation sponsored guest speakers and ‘Think Tank’ events
  • College social and sports activities
  • student networking opportunities
  • graduate recognition and academic awards
  • Alumni events and opportunities

Our Vision

True to our Motto: ‘Enabling Leaders in Global Security’, the Canadian Forces College Foundation seeks to support and enrich the educational experience of senior Canadian and International military officers attending the Canadian Forces College and foster a growing strategic culture amongst government, public and private leadership in Canada.