The CFC Foundation organizes annual activities around the College academic year. Our core activities consist of:

Foundation Evening Speaker Series
The Foundation conducts 3-4, off the record (Chatham House Rules) backgrounders. These briefs feature current issues and events related to global security, and are provided by high ranking leaders from Canada and abroad. The aim of these sponsored sessions is to give an exclusive, limited audience of invitees comprised of Foundation members and supporters a unique information experience that will assist them in their positions and spheres of interaction with likeminded individuals. The audience includes those from the private sector, strategic partner foundations, selected military and high ranking editorialists or journalists.

The Strathrobyn Dinner
The annual Foundation fundraiser, this formal (black tie) dinner is one of the highlights of the Foundation calendar for CFCF members and supporters from the military, government service, the private sector and corporate Canada. The keynote address by the Guest of Honour is the centrepiece to the Dinner.

Centre for National Security Studies (CNSS) Symposia
The Foundation provides organizational and funding support to the Centre, which is established at the College to provide an outreach forum for national security analysis in its broadest context. Two research Symposia are supported annually and are usually conducted in conjunction with a partner defence and security institute or Think-Tank. Foundation members and supporters are encouraged to attend and participate.

Alumni Events
The Fall Reception for National Security Programme Alumni is hosted by the Foundation in Ottawa and permits the current class and graduates of this senior College post-graduate programme to meet and network. Additionally, sponsored book-launches and supported social activities make up a growing menu of Alumni activities and engagements with Foundation members and supporters.