What’s Up With Russia? With Colonel Paul de B.Taillon (Retired) – 17 April 2018

The Russian Federation seems to have a head-lock on international events these days and under recently re-elected President Vladimir Putin, it appears the trend will continue. How is it that this nation consistently plays a modest hand so effectively? And what exactly is their Game?
Join us to find out on Tuesday, 17 April, as the Foundation welcomes back soldier-scholar Colonel Paul Taillon, PhD (Retired) to provide an inside look at RUSSIAN STRATEGY: BACK TO THE FUTURE. From its origins in Soviet times Russian Strategy is back, refined and more muscular, and best described as War in Peacetime. Effectively illustrated by the recent track record of Georgia, Crimea, eastern Ukraine and Syria – it’s a warning not to be underestimated or ignored.

Colonel Paul de B.Taillon (Retired) currently teaches, publishes and lectures in counter-insurgency, special operations, counter-terrorism, intelligence and strategic issues with NATO, The Royal Military College of Canada, The US Naval Postgraduate School, The US Joint Special Operations University and the Canadian Government.

Event Details:
Date and Time:
Tuesday, 17 April at 18:30
Location: The Canadian Forces College 215 Yonge Boulevard
Dress: Business casual attire
Price: $29 for CFCF Members
$49 for Non Members
$29 for NATO Association of Canada Members