Individual Giving

Individual Giving

Individuals associated with the College by way of graduation, course completion or activity are encouraged to become a member of the Foundation. By becoming a member of the Foundation you are entitled to:

  • 10% discount at our online store
  • Advance notice of and invitations to special events, lectures and conferences;
  • Subscription to the prestigious and scholarly Canadian Forces College Review;
  • Our newsletter;
  • Voting rights at the annual members’ meeting;
  • Access to other individual, graduate and corporate members for networking and other opportunities; and
  • Tax deduction for all contributions/memberships over $100.00.


  • Graduate Member Annual Membership – assigned for the academic year of studies
  • Graduate Member 5 year Membership – $100
  • Graduate Member Life Membership – $500
  • Foundation Member Annual Membership – $150
  • Foundation Member 5 year Membership – $500
  • Foundation Member Life Membership – $1000
  • Officer of the Foundation – Greater than $1000

Please fill out either the attached CFCF Membership Application New Student
or the CFCF Membership Form 2017 and return to