In order to realize the Foundation’s goal of expanding the defence and national security conversation within private, public and corporate Canada, the Foundation places a priority on supporting the two College centres specifically mandated for this role.

The Centre for National Security Studies

The Centre for National Security Studies (CNSS) was established at the Canadian Forces College to provide a forum for national security analysis in its broadest context. Intellectually, the CNSS is a member of the family of strategic studies and international affairs organizations, which are sponsored at the national level and participate in and provide programmes and services to senior members of federal, provincial, and private organizations. The aim of the CNSS is to foster the study and improved understanding of Canadian national security. In support of this aim, the CNSS:

  • carries out and support research into and analysis of national security;
  • maintains and works to improve the resource network for national security studies;
  • carries out programmes on national securities studies and single-issue seminars; and
  • funds and administers solicited research programmes.

Centre for Institutional Analysis of Armed Forces


The mission of the Centre for Institutional Analysis of Armed Forces (CIAAF) is to group researchers interested in the study of armed forces from the point of view of institutional analysis and to create synergies to offer a new understanding of, and new solutions to, military transformation.

Additionally, the Foundation fosters debate and increased understanding of Canada’s national security challenges through its annual Background Briefings Series, and by exploiting new opportunities with individuals or partner institutes on a case by case basis. As always, Foundation members and supporters are encouraged to engage and help expand our growing network.

Canadian Forces College, Centre for National Security Studies: Record of Symposia